We are still working on our onboarding so things may change in the future.

1) Create a payment account
Firstly, you will need to create a payment account here. You will need to complete all sections within this page.

Payment Account settings tab

2) Add extra information
Add the extra information within the Company Address, Business Support, Business People, and Business Bank Account sections of the Payment Account.

Extra information

3) Add key people within your organisation
You will need to add the details of key individuals in your organisation to verify your account and to comply with anti-money laundering regulations.

What identities are required can be found here Payment Accounts - Acceptable forms of identification

Add a key person within your organisation

4) Choose a Billing Plan
Choose a plan to join us on. A plan can be changed at any time so if you are just trying Everfund out, sign up with the free plan to start out. Find this section here and sign up to a plan to start.

Billing Page

5) Invite your team members
It is important all relevant members of your organisation are added as team members within Everfund. This will help them manage their own account so they can create, share and track your non-profit or charity's donation links within everything they do. Find this section here and invite your team to join Everfund.

Invite team members
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