Installing Everfund's embedded website donation portal onto your website

To get started paste this code snippet into the HTML <header> Tag

!function(e,t,n,a){function r(){if(!t.getElementById(n)){var e=t.getElementsByTagName(a)[0],r=t.createElement(a);r.type="text/javascript",r.async=!0,r.src="",e.parentNode.insertBefore(r,e)}}if("function"!=typeof e.Everfund){var c=function(){c.q.push(arguments)};c.q=[],e.Everfund=c,"complete"===t.readyState?r():e.attachEvent?e.attachEvent("onload",r):e.addEventListener("load",r,!1)}}(window,document,"everfund","script");

Once the script has been added to the header or the end of the body the modal is activated through an HTML attribute

<button data-ef-modal="[DONATIONLINK]">Donation Now</button>
Your desired donation link code (eg. /abcd) should replace the [DONATIONLINK] above.

We recommend embedding into your main navigation bar and styling it however you like for it to match your branding and site.

Your data-ef-modal url is your normal url that you would normally link to you would normally share.

After following the above steps, check out your website and click the button to see if the modal pops up.

if you have any problems with this installation then reach out to our support or contact for help.
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